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At its core, Perceptivism is an exploration of alternate universes. Real, valid and whole-encompassing, these universes give us a glimpse of something beyond the limited vantage point upon which we stand. Developed over the course of a lifetime by artist Isaac Katz, Perceptivism is the art of tomorrow. Through sophisticated simulations the artist brings to life worlds different than ours, unique in their beauty like our own, and immerses himself in a deep exploration of their nature. Harkening back to the explorers of ancient times, that spark of human ingenuity that never dies, the artist ventures far off and sometimes becomes lost, only to reemerge, triumphant, with a piece of that world to bring back home; and in so doing captures a sublime beauty that would have otherwise remained unknown.


Perceptivism is created with more questions in mind than answers, and the questions that emerge bring us beyond the comfort of our own universe and under the enchantment of another. It begs for an experience that carries us far from the borders of our present understanding, bringing to mind thoughts such as, "What does it look like to watch the tide come in on a Saturnian moon?" or "What would it look like if flowers grew like fire?"

Following the footsteps of other art forms and yet decidedly beating to its own rhythm, Perceptivism embraces cutting edge tools with the aim of illuminating the abstract nature of form and matter. It lends the accessibility of image and shape to what was once intangible and imaginary. What's more, it provides a unique opportunity to explore alternate universes, examine the nature of reality, and get in touch with our inner selves.


Perceptivist Art is created with the goal of redefining how we experience our living spaces. With the right art, your living space is elevated to something much more than a mere dwelling. It establishes the platform from which inspiration and imagination take off. It fills space with substance and style. It breathes it full of a sense of things to come, and ideas yet to discover.
This is a strange and wondrous universe we inhabit. There are worlds in far off galaxies that are comprised of burning ice. Closer to home it's raining diamonds on planets like Jupiter and Saturn. And that's just the beginning. With Perceptivism, these and other realities that are just as bizarre, fascinating, and beautiful can finally be experienced and brought home.