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moving artwork

As the digital age has progressed, we've sought ways to integrate the new tools that have sprung from it beyond mere functionality. Computers and their screens have become ubiquitous aspects of life, and new methods of combining the modernity of electronics with the substance of nature, wonder, and exploration are pushing the boundaries between what has traditionally been accepted as art.
With Perceptivist Moving Artworks, Katz has broken the borders between the digital, physical, and natural realms. No longer is a television, computer, or mobile screen a simple display tool. With these moving artworks, Katz has developed a way for you to turn every screen in your home into a work of art that not only lends a unique degree of beauty to your living space, but which embraces the technologies and digital trends that will carry our world forward into the future.
Delivered via an app service directly to your TV, your access to these state of the art creations is unlimited, innovative, and above all else, it lends a unique aesthetic to your home or workspace that will transform the way you live.

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We're happy to see that you're interested in purchasing our artwork. You should know that every Katz piece is a custom made, limited edition. That means two things—you won't find prices listed online because the value of each piece is determined by factors like edition number, size, and more. Also the value goes up as each edition sells. If you'd like to inquire about pricing, simply email us with a list of your needs and the pieces you're interested in. If you're curious to see how a piece will fit in your home, you can send us a photo of the space and we'll create a proposal based on your needs.

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