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Home Décor

Your home is more than a mere dwelling—it's where you live, dream, entertain, love, and gather inspiration. An uninspired home gives rise to an equally uninspired existence. It lacks celebration. It lacks comfort. More than anything, it lacks mystery.
Perceptivist furnishings bring home a unique aesthetic that embraces the very definition of elegance and cutting edge innovation. It harkens to the perfect and ancient designs offered by elements such as water and fire while simultaneously using state of the art manufacturing methods to bring them to life.
Perceptivist home furnishings lend your living spaces the richness of natural processes combined with the privilege of exclusivity—when you bring home Perceptivism Décor, you become one of the select few who understand that being inspired by your surroundings is a key component of a life well lived.

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We're happy to see that you're interested in purchasing our artwork. You should know that every Katz piece is a custom made, limited edition. That means two things—you won't find prices listed online because the value of each piece is determined by factors like edition number, size, and more. Also the value goes up as each edition sells. If you'd like to inquire about pricing, simply email us with a list of your needs and the pieces you're interested in. If you're curious to see how a piece will fit in your home, you can send us a photo of the space and we'll create a proposal based on your needs.

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