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Perceptivism is a third art form. It falls beyond the realm of the ordinary, where significance is not defined by what is practical, but instead by what can be dreamed.
Be among the first to experience this new art form, and to apprehend the possibilities offered by its innovative perspective. From the hot core of a far off world (Magma Lux) to looking inside the creation of a star (Spiritus) and everything in between, these series present the artist's primary and original work that gave rise to the creation of Perceptivism. It provides us with the first glimpses into the true nature of alternate universes.
Captured on museum-quality digital C print—a state-of-the-art inkless process that uses a combination of LightJet laser printing and metallic-based photographic emulsion paper—and protected by ultra-strong Plexiglass, these works will maintain their quality and beauty decade after decade.
These images transcend time and matter, and in the end, they offer the opportunity to connect with that which makes us most human; our ability to question our place in a universe of mystery and our unrelenting spirit of exploration.

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